The hardest working caterer in Calgary needs a name! (Contest alert! Contest alert!!)

Corporate catering favourite – Devour’s European cheese boardNothing says summer like a Devour charcuterie platter and wonderful cheese board right? Ooh and maybe some delicious lime zest and chipotle pepper popcorn too!  Sounds fantastic for say a Friday evening in the summer with a few friends and wine of course. Well, linger on those delicious thoughts no longer as you can have all this delivered right to your deck by simply coming up with a creative name for our Devour Lady.

Last week I started a little contest to help us come up with a name for the lovely Devour Lady and to that end we have had some fantastic possibilities sent our way. I have been thinking though that perhaps a little more information on who this Lady of Devour is might heat the competition up a little before the contest closes July 1.

The original Devour Lady (see her curvaceous figure below and to the left) appeared on the Devour culinary scene somewhere around 2003.  I had returned from a very inspirational and beautiful trip to the South of France. The trip was filled with breathtaking chateaux along the Dordogne river, Bordeaux wines, truffles, foie gras, and some walnut and honey ice cream that would blow your get the picture. On our last day in Paris I found some metal postcards at a souvenir stand along the Seine featuring vintage food advertisements.  I snapped up six of them not having a clue what I was going to do with them once I got home (they are now individually framed and hanging by my front door).  

One of them in particular seemed sort of cheeky and fun and so I took it with me when I went to meet the designer I had hired to help us create a logo for Devour. Our Lady of Devour was inspired by the whimsy of the vintage ad, to be sure, but she was also inspired by what the artist imagined Marilyn Monroe would have looked like if she was still alive and had become a celebrity chef.  

She is marching into a party, spoon in hand, and tray held high ready to serve delicious food and create a fun and unforgettable experience wherever she goes.  Ms. Devour was recently updated (see curvaceous figure below and to the right). Wouldn't it be great if we all got so much better looking after a decade?  While we take what we do seriously at Devour, it’s always important to remember that our events are about the gathering of great people eating great food. So, like the Lady of Devour, let’s celebrate the party at heart and rejoice!! 

With a decade of marching proudly to and fro we feel the Devour Lady really is deserving of a name don't you think?  There could be some delicious food coming your way if you help us give her a spectacular name!! Just click here to find out more.  

What are you waiting for? That Devour charcuterie platter, cheese board, and popcorn await your summer nights. And we promise the food will be as good as the company you keep while enjoying it.  

Thanks for reading.  Please come back post next week!