Devour Catering reveals their true secret ingredient

Our fabulous staff, and Devour Catering’s Executive Chef Mark McEwan

It always makes me smile when I hear our event team refer to working with Devour as their 'fun job'. Over the years, I have noticed many of our servers and bartenders have been nursing students, physiotherapists, and personal trainers.  Others have been teachers or artists.  My theory about why they like catering is that they are the kind of people who are hard-wired to do things that make a positive impact on others. And, ultimately, that is what catering is all about.  

The kitchen staff are adventurous and always ready for a problem solving challenge. Producing restaurant quality food at event sites that can range from a closet-sized laundry room or the dark backstage of the Jubillee Auditorium isn't always the easiest.  But the instant satisfaction you get from guests who are buzzing at a party is something you don't often get in a restaurant. They also thrive on making a positive impact while also being at the top of their game regardless, or in spite of, not having the luxury of a commercial kitchen around them.  As Devour's chef Mark McEwan (smiling man at the BBQ above) says..."we are not just making food - we are making memories".  Awwhhh....

In every thank you and letter we receive from clients, our team is repeatedly complimented for their wonderful attitudes, excellent service, and genuine interest in the guests.  Great food is definitely important but the party is never complete unless the people serving it are making sure you feel the love!  I am so lucky to work with each and every single Devour-ite.  Many thanks to past and present memory makers out there.  There truly would be nothing to Devour without you!

(Psssttt....the Lady of Devour still needs a name and you still need some yummy food delivered to you.  Get that name to us!!!)