Calgary caterers are best not to mess with tradition when it comes to pancakes...

Devour's answer to a western style wedding. It really is in the details.The streets are humming in Calgary and are chock-a-block with pancakes, syrup, square dancing, and cowboy hats.  Yes Stampede time is here again and its the 100th anniversary which makes it that much more exciting and special.  I counted four pancake breakfasts this morning in an 8 block stretch!   Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, Stampede is always a crazy time in Calgary so we always do our best to welcome it with open arms.

We have tried, in the past, to mess with the culinary traditions of Stampede and do some exotic fusion rendition of beef on a bun or pancake hors d'oeuvres but we have learned that things are called traditions for a reason....mostly because they don't change!!  And so this year we launch into the Stampede fun with made-from-scratch pancakes and delicious bacon to be sure....but we are also including wonderful fruit salads and real whip cream....and for bite size treats we are serving our version of a Devour mini corndog and Devour deep fried pickles along with Devour spiced candy apples.

There is always a way to make the food and the event something to remember and its by putting your personailty into it.  Re-working something that people already expect but making it REALLY good....don't just serve syrup with your pancakes...make it Saskatoon Syrup of Kindness made by yours truly.

And, as we send off the food and servers for our last Stampede event of 2012, we say a 'yahoo!'.  Hope y'all had a great Stampede...and come back now y'hear?