Winter wedding planning in July?


Catered Winter WeddingsYes it is a beautiful and hot 29 degrees outside and yes it is the middle of July in Calgary. Stampede has just ended and the city is winding down for the summer... So what are we Calgary caterers doing?  Why, we are thinking about winter weddings, that's what.  And if you are too then you have come to the right blog posting.

Winter Weddings in Calgary 

When we start wedding planning with a client we look for something that really defines or inspires the wedding couple and use that as the basis to make all of our decisions. Generally speaking, wedding clients are excited about their wedding but they are also nervous too.  There are so many expectations and possibly stressful family dynamics that come into play when planning a wedding. 

If you aren't planning your perfect winter wedding, then maybe you are already dreaming about your summer wedding for sometime in 2013.  Booking your catering company early is a great idea especially if it is a company that can help you with more than just the food (Hmmm...I wonder which Calgary caterer can do that?  wink wink nudge nudge!)