Devour Catering knows a lady who HAS to be at your next party...

Wedding catering canapés - Champagne prawns with tarragon creamWe are proud to announce our new Lady of Devour name.....drumroll please...


Connie Soeur 

Madame Soeur (or Connie as she is more affectionately known) will be serving up some amazing hospitality, wonderful food, and fun fun fun at unforgettable celebrations everywhere.  I mean who doesn't need a fun Connie Soeur at their next party?  (hint hint my tongue is in my cheek...)

But seriously, we chose Connie Soeur because we loved the play on words from the French word connoisseur but we also love that instead of being a stuffy or pretentious 'know-it-all', Connie is full of whimsy and humour.  She is someone who knows her stuff but also doesn't take herself too seriously.  And it is this combination of enjoyment and expertise that we thought was the perfect encapsulation of what we do at Devour.  

Whatever Connie 'knows' about making a party fabulous she will share with you.  We promise.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent us suggestions.  There were some great ones and it was a tough choice.  We were wishing that Connie had some siblings with her so we had more names to give out like Babette, Ravenous Ramona, and Butter Cup...

Welcome to Devour Madame - we look forward to seeing you grace our pages and our events for many more years to come!  The winning entry was submitted by a long-time Devour client and absolutely wonderful person  - Kerrie Penney of Freshwater Creative .  

Happy Stampede celebrations everyone!  And thanks again to all of you who entered the name contest. Stay tuned for some fun things to come with Madame Connie Soeur...her first order of business however will be marching over to Kerrie's house to deliver some bountiful platters of charcuterie, cheese, and popcorn!  Thanks again Kerrie!