Feel the Devour Catering love! Fun ways to share favourite celebration memories.


Devour Catering loves family style dinner service since it's a wonderful way for guests to get to know each other.Devour Catering loves to throw parties.  Now, as a Calgary full-service catering company, you are thinking 'well...no kidding....Devour is a catering company after all.'  So,  yes this is true, we do love to help our dear clients throw fabulous and heart warming parties.

But we also host one party a year that WE throw FOR our clients.  There would truly be nothing to Devour without the wonderful people who trust us with their celebrations and we always want to show our gratitude to them. We believe that the best way to say thank you is to throw a party!

One year our theme was 'Feel the Love' and we focussed the evening around the wonderful emotions and memories that parties can create.  The decor was full of red and love: oversized red and white balloons hanging like lanterns, clean white linens on long European styled tables with butcher paper for a runner. The menu was hearty and full of comfort foods to share on platters that were passed around to encourage clients to meet one another and become friends.

We asked everyone to include their favourite party memory with their RSVP.  We printed these memory stories on to brown butcher paper placemats that we placed on all the tables so that guests could share in other stories and walk around the tables reading them like a gallery before sitting down to a family style dinner.

There were some amazing stories and I plan to share some of them here.  The thing I noticed in nearly every story is that there really is nothing to compare to the swell you get in your heart when you are with people you really care about while sharing food and fun.  And, this my friends, is why we love catering! To contribute to an event that may be remembered fondly by all involved is the best job in town (we think!).

Food brings people together. It makes them feel welcome and cared for. When you share food with people who are important to you it becomes an intimate, real, and special experience.

And so...to start us off...here is the first story ...I will keep it a short one since you have likely read yourself silly if you have even made it this far into reading this entry!  Please note that all names and dates have been changed out of respect for our client friends.

Devour Catering wants you to 'feel the love'! at your party. As the photo clearly shows - the joy of sharing food together can start at an early age.

"This is my brother Sam and I on October 21st, 1960.  I was 14 months old, he would have been 6 1/2.  I can only assume that he was   trying to teach me how to feed myself and I was quite willing to share with whomever was taking the picture.

Any celebration usually includes food - and I'm happy that one of my earliest photos of myself is one where I'm sharing a meal with my family!"