A beautiful family-style Fall wedding full of love

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Fall weddings in Calgary are truly beautiful. The fruits of the harvest abound!

On October 5th we were so lucky to be part of a truly beautiful Fall wedding at the lovely Cranston Century Community Hall .  This wedding was extra special to be sure because the groom was Mark McEwan, Devour's Executive Chef.  Well...we had the privilege and pleasure of him being our chef for over four years....but his last day was spent cooking the food for his own wedding.  Mark has since moved with his lovely new wife to Vancouver where he is now the Executive Chef at Black and Blue.  We will miss him dearly but wish him all the best with his new endeavours.  There are going to be many smiling people with full tummies out in Vancouver.

Mark's family is Italian and the bride's family is Ukranian so it was important for the menu to represent both families.  We absolutely love creating custom menus that can reflect the personalities and tradtions of the families coming together.  Following the outdoor ceremony at Fish Creek Park, guests were greeted with a crisp glass of Prosecco when they arrived and then were served a delicious assortment of hors d'oeuvres. The dinner was served family-style in several courses with speeches being presented in between each course.  A plated dessert of lemon buttercream wedding cake ended the meal with platters of fresh fruit being served at each table.

The late-night snack was where the Ukranian side of the family came through with delicious perogys made by the bride's family were served with all the sides and toppings along with fantastic sausage.  It definitely kept the guests energized and dancing!

The bride and her sister did an absolutely fabulous job designing and creating all the decor for the tables and the hall was truly stunning, cozy, and very inviting.  The wedding favours were wonderful jars of honey made by the bride and groom (yes - they actually are beekeepers too!).  The jars were meaningful and delicious mementos of the day.

Fantastic photos were taken by Mark Shannon.  Mark was able to not only take photos throughout the ceremony, reception, and dinner - but was also able to create a slideshow from the ceremony that was projected on a large screen behind the couple as they danced their first dance.  That is some photo wizardry to be sure. 

We were all definitely full of happiness and love for the couple and their families.  We wish them all the best!


Passed hors d’oeuvres

Spaghetti & mozzarella stuffed meatball skewer

Herb crusted albacore tuna

Brussel sprout date & gorgonzola flat bread

Pancetta wrapped scallop with tomato jam

Grilled vegetable salad roll with goat cheese

Pork belly with grape molasses

Parmesan cannoli with Boursin mousse

On the table

Antipasto Platter

With fresh foccacia bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & herb butter ramekins


Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella

& balsamic reduction


Prosciutto wrapped slow cooked pork shoulder

& sauteed forest mushrooms

 Butternut squash gnocchi with pesto

Lemon thyme chicken

Herb roasted fall vegetables


Wedding cake  - Lemon buttercream cake from Brulee

Fresh fruit platters served to each table

Late Night Nosh

Homemade Perogy & Sausage Extravaganza

Mark and Shannon 2.jpg

Sending much love and good wishes to the bride and groom during the ceremony

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