3 Summer wedding trends Calgary couples are crazy for...

Family-style dinner receptions, details that express your history, and divine desserts are all on the summer wedding menuAre you planning your wedding?  Are you trying to think of ways to make your wedding personal, memorable, and fun?  Are you feeling overwhelmed at all the options available and information coming at you from every where telling you how to create an amazing wedding?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this post is for you.  We are just about to dive head first into the Summer wedding season here in Calgary. I took a step back to look at what trends or similarities we are seeing in the weddings we are about to be a part of.

3 trends we are seeing this season include....

1. Family-style dinner receptions

We absolutely love this style of service for wedding receptions and we do our best to convince couples to consider this service style for their dinner.  Family-style service really takes the best of the buffet  and plated dinner worlds.  Your guests can all begin eating at the same time and they also get several options and dishes to choose from when the bountiful platters are delivered to their table.  

2. Menus that represent your families coming together

Another trend we are really happy about it is incorporating the family heritage of the bride and groom into the menu.  We have some interesting menus this season that combine flavours and traditions from different cultures; Vietnamese with Polish and Thunder Bay with German are two fun examples from this season.  Can't wait to post the photos and stories from those ones! We really love the challenge of being able to communicate the union of two families through the food.  This is a really important thing to do and it definitely ensures that you and your guests have a unique and delicious experience during the reception. 

3. Designer dessert stations and "Ooh La La!" late night snacks

Wedding couples are getting creative about their desserts and their late night snacks!  This is so much fun too.  Designer doughnut stations or decadent cookies and milk (you really can't beat Dutchman Dairy chocolate milk with some over-the-top chocolate chip cookies for dunking....). A lovely family-style way to serve dessert is by delivering warm fruit pies to each table with a bowl of vanilla whipped cream and fresh berries. It is a heavenly way to finish off a wonderful wedding dinnerl.

And late night snacks no longer have to be the cold-cut platter and buns that we often see.  How about a fun hot dog and fresh baked pretzel stand?  A make-your-own taco station or a fresh-off-the-grill BBQ pizza?  If you want to keep the party hopping and have your friends dance up a storm on the dance floor - you have to keep them energized!  We are even planning to surprise guests with the arrival of a food truck that will be serving up delicious hot french fries and maybe some poutine.  

The straight goods -  Keep it intimate. Make it personal. Spread the love! 

These 3 trends are all fairly simple and very easy to build into your wedding reception.  Family-style service keeps everyone together and talking during the meal, custom menus ensure that all your guests both enjoy food they may be familiar with and learn about new flavours while simultaneously learning more about your families, and fun desserts and late-night snacks are a hit of your personality and a great way to inject fun into your reception.

We are really excited about the weddings that we have coming up this Spring and Summer.  A big thank you to every bride, groom, and their families for choosing  Devour to be part of your wedding day.  We never take it for granted!

For more wedding ideas please make sure to see our other wedding blog posts and check out our boards on Pinterest.  If you have said 'Yes' -  then let Devour help you say 'I do!'.