A beautiful day for a cocktail party wedding

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Beautiful summer wedding at Pioneer Lodge

A stunning Saturday in July and an absolutely perfect day for a wedding at Pioneer Lodge. The rustic log cabin overlooks the Elbow River and, on clear days, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains to the west.  We have been so lucky to have been part of several weddings at Pioneer and it is one of our favourite wedding venues in Calgary. 

We really enjoyed planning the menu with this couple.  They wanted something fun and they wanted to treat their guests to a variety of hors d'oeuvres and food stations that blended tropical flavours with a Hawaiian bent (one of their favourite places to vacation) along with delicious summer BBQ fare. 

This style of wedding reception can be a lot of fun for guests as they can move around throughout the evening and mingle while eating and then flow right into dancing.  We like to have the reception unfold in stages so that guests are always able to enjoy new items throughout the party and so the activity or the focus of the reception can shift and keep guests engaged. 

The bride and groom did an amazing amount of work creating custom decor touches that were used both outside and inside.  Fresh summer flowers and country accents that really reflected the bride and groom's style blended in perfectly with the log cabin feel at Pioneer Lodge.  It always makes such a difference to the guest experience when the decor is so personal.  

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Casual Summer BBQ menu with pulled pork, coleslaw, and traditional macaroni salad


Passed Small bites

Coconut prawn with sweet chili citrus drizzle

Bite sized vegetable quesadillas with avocado mousse

Thai beef salad in a cucumber cup

Fully loaded mini cheese burger

Salmon tartare on taro root chip with poached pineapple

Lemongrass chicken satay skewers 

Food bars

Tropical paradise food bar

Kahlua pig sliders with island slaw

Hawaiian meatballs with pineapple glaze

Tiki tiki chicken and grape pasta salad

Market vegetable platter with edamame hummus

Ginger and soy marinated beef and glass noodle salad served in a half pint take out box

Backyard bbq bar

Smoked baby back ribs

Roasted vegetable skewers

Baby potatoes with sea salt and fresh herbs

Corn medallions with chipotle butter and grilled limes

(the above food bars will open inside upstairs at 6pm)

Charcuterie et fromage

European cheese board with fresh and dried fruit

Served with confiture, baguette and crackers

Charcuterie board with cured and smoked meats, fishes, sausages, country pate,

handmade pretzels, grissini,

Olives and pickled vegetables

Served with aioli, tapenades and mustards

(the above food bars will open inside downstairs at 7:30pm)


Saskatoon, strawberry rhubarb, lemon meringue and apple pie

Served with whip cream ice cream and cheddar

Fresh fruit platter

(the above dessert bar will open inside upstairs at 8:30pm)

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