Come rain or come shine on your wedding day - a tent has you covered!

A tent can be used in many ways at a wedding. Here it keeps the dance floor dry!

On September 7th we were part of a lovely wedding reception that took place just outside of Bragg Creek at a beautiful acreage.  The bride really wanted the feel of the reception, decor, and menu to reflect their home and the setting; outdoorsy, relaxed, and inviting.  Instead of having formal tables set inside the tent, we chose instead to put the dance floor under the tent and surround it by hay bales that would be used for seating during dinner and also throughout the evening.

There was also a fire pit beside the tent that would be used to keep guests warm and cozy during the evening. A relaxed summer BBQ was the vision.

It can often be tricky when planning an outdoor reception at any time of the year and we always suggest that all plans be made while envisioning the worst weather you can imagine.  Well - this plan held true for this celebration because boy oh boy did it rain!  And boy oh boy were the guests glad that propane heaters had been rented and that there was a fire pit close by.

The wedding ceremony took place in a quaint church in the Priddis area and then guests made their way to the bride and groom's home.  Champagne flutes with Prosecco greeted guests as they arrived and instead of having passed hors d'oeuvres before dinner - a lovely assortment of platters was waiting when guests arrived from the ceremony. 

A delicious and casual buffet was served for dinner and rubber boots would have been handy footwear during dinner service!  But wedding celebrations are not about the weather - they are about families and friends coming together to celebrate.  And this party was no exception.

So...for tent weddings in the Calgary area....plan for the downpour..... suggest your guests bring warm clothing and 'sensible' shoes and make sure you have plenty of delicious food and possibly some hot drinks to keep your guests dancing and celebrating long into the night.

A delicious and casual dinner buffet was enjoyed by guests who cozied up on hay bales.


To start

Local and imported cheeses
Served with fresh fruit, crackers and crostini
Cured and smoked meats, sausages,
handmade pretzels, grissini,
Served with aioli, tapenades and mustards
Market vegetable platter with fresh dill and lemon dip
Individual mason jar crudités and dips
Truffle and black pepper popcorn served in ½ pint take out boxes

Dinner buffet - 5PM

Fresh tortilla chips with roasted tomato salsa and fresh guacamole
Spicy mixed greens with goat cheese and fresh berries served with herb vinaigrette
Beet and apple salad with truffle honey vinaigrette

Cedar planked trout with citrus drizzle
Prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin with apricot sauce
Fingerling potatoes with sea salt and herbs

Strawberry rhubarb, lemon meringue and apple pie
Served with whip cream ice cream and cheddar
Guests will help themselves

Late night nosh
Pear and gorgonzola pizzas
Prosciutto, fontina and arugula flatbreads
Double chocolate chip cookies
Lemon squares


Instead of having passed hors d'oeuvres before dinner - a lovely assortment of platters was waiting when guests arrived from the ceremony.

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