Invitations are to a party what a trailer is to a movie

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Fun invitations lead to fun parties. We promise! Oh how we absolutely love thinking up creative and fabulous invitations to a party! One of my favourite ways to explain the importance of invitations is by comparing them to a trailer for a movie. A thoughtful and well-crafted invitation will set the tone for your celebration and should make guests excited about attending. Who gets excited about another email in their inbox? How about hand delivering fun invitations with a delicious treat that gets people excited about the party?  A lousy trailer doesn't make you want to see the movie...and a lack lustre invitation may not motivate your guests to attend either.

Your party starts the moment your guests receive their invite even if you won’t be seeing their smiling faces for a few weeks down the road.   They are a real opportunity to extend heartfelt hospitality.  

There are so many simple and creative ways to get your party started with an invitation.  As with all things celebratory – make sure they are welcoming, personalized, and memorable.  Evoke the spirit of your party and make sure you send the right message. An invitation can not only make you excited to attend the celebration but it can also make you feel special and cared for just by being invited.  Even if your guests can’t attend, the invitation itself can be an extension of your friendship and hospitality.  Think of them as a ‘mini-party’.

For a Corporate office party instead of sending out a standard email that appears in everyone’s inbox (along with all the other work related ‘stuff’) what about delivering little loot bags with candy and small games to everyone’s desk?  We helped a company do just that when they asked us to help them shake up their annual corporate Christmas party.  The memorable invitation got people’s attention and clearly sent the message that the party was going to be different (and fun!). Guests were immediately  intrigued and curious instead of feeling obligated and having to attend out of ‘duty’. 

If an electronic invitation is the only way you can go then give some thought to the design, colours, messaging, or even the time of day that you send out the invitations.  Fun photos and personalized messages for each invitee can really do the trick.  My absolute favourite site for online invitations is Paperless Post (unsolicited promotion I promise!).  You can do so many memorable and whimsical things with their designs and still make it feel like something special when people open it up in their email.  They also now deliver paper invitations too if you like.

I’m not saying that every celebration requires hand-made paper invitations with letter pressed engraving slipped into a gold foil-lined envelope.   It’s not about formality or even etiquette.  Fabulous invitations can be created just with carefully thought-out words sent in a simple email.   HOW you are inviting them that will resonate and be the start of a memorable experience.

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Who wouldn't come to a party after receiving some 'Syrup of Kindness'?!

Let us help you celebrate!  If you want to brainstorm ideas about the invitations to your upcoming party – give us a call!  We would love to help you.  We have created some absolutely fabulous party invitations with Bryan McRae of Filament Communications.  I have an ongoing love affair with inspirational packaging and invitations which you can see more of by checking out one of the Devour boards on Pinterest 'Invites, packaging, and paper inspiration'.  

For more ideas on how to turn your Calgary cocktail party, sit-down dinner party, or wedding celebration into a fabulous, heartfelt, and memorable experience, please check out these other posts in our 'How To' section of the Devour blog.  Celebrate moments that matter - and let us help you!