Calgary's Best Venues

CALGARY’S BEST VENUES: how to find them and book them

Your event venue is about more than a place to eat and drink, it’s the centerpiece for your occasion. Flashy or refined, there’s nothing more exciting than finding a venue that works for you functionally, and makes you feel something special. So whether you’re rolling out a red carpet for a glamorous charity gala, walking down the aisle, or hosting a rustic corporate stampede gig, Calgary is home to many great venues that all bring something special to the table. We have listed some of our favourite Calgary venues below. If the name of the venue links to the venue's website, it means Devour can provide the catering - a feature we think is critically important to your event!

The Mamdani Opera Centre is a fantastic venue full of history and character


There’s something very comforting about a classic venue. A location that has historical or traditional significance can ground your event and provide a comfortable atmosphere where your guests can nibble on delicious appetizers and sip colourful cocktails. One of our favourite venues with loads of beauty and character is the Mamdani Opera Centre.  Art Galleries are also a perfect way of integrating a classic style while keeping things simple, unique, and sophisticated. The Glenbow Museum and smaller, privately-owned galleries are typically available for events, especially corporate gatherings and weddings. The Cranston Century Hall and Strathcona Community Association offer terrific rentals, delivering warmth and charm with a dash of sophistication.


Although boho weddings are all the rage right now, rustic venues are a beautiful and understated way to showcase any event. The Shawnessy Barn offers upscale barn chic charm.

Shawnessy Barn is a fantastic wedding venue with easy access to a lovely park 

Try the Southern Alberta Pioneers Memorial building for something old school or embrace the natural beauty of Dewinton Community Hall for stunning views of hills and sky. If a celebration by the water is more your style then check out the Glenmore Sailing Club with its beautiful patio. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous country affair or a lovely low-key farmhouse celebration, a rustic venue provides a charming canvas.


From flowers and candlelight to the clinking of glasses and sweet sounds of heart warming memories being made, a romantic venue sets the scene for a night to remember. Heritage homes are an excellent place to start. A grand sandstone prairie mansion like Lougheed House is full of charm and warmth. The glittering Calgary Chamber of Commerce ballroom is nestled comfortably downtown. 


A hip and modern venue can really elevate your occasion. Think outside the box and find something that is truly unique, like the funky Festival Hall, which features sleek concrete walls and warm wooden beams that your guests are sure to fall for. The warehouse chic beauty of The Commons will totally win your heart.  And for something fun and dramatic, the Grand Theatre is all red velvet, while Ralph Klein Park offers floor to ceiling windows, a massive balcony and eye catching waterfall.

A place with purpose

While the venue you choose is important, it’s what happens inside that truly counts. With the help of Calgary caterer Devour, we can help you find the right venue and fill it with great food, and great conversation. It will be a night of happy guests mingling, mouth-watering food, meaningful conversations and plenty of connections. The venue was amazing, but it’s your work as a host that is really worth celebrating.