Big Night. Big Screen. Big Smiles.

Movies movies everywhere! Now this is how one should eat dinner and watch a movie!


Devour's favourite way to say thank you is to have a party. We had such a fantastic evening on March 7th at the Devour client appreciation party. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening such a fun celebration. We are so genuinely grateful to everyone who invites Devour to be part of their celebrations. It gives us so much joy to be in a room full of people who also love to celebrate life. And there are more thank yous to hand we go!

Devour Catering knows a lady who HAS to be at your next party...

Wedding catering canapés - Champagne prawns with tarragon cream ...we chose the name 'Connie Soeur' for the marching lady of Devour because we loved the play on words from the French word connoisseur but we also love that instead of being a stuffy or pretentious 'know-it-all', Connie is full of whimsy and humour. She is someone who knows her stuff but also doesn't take herself too seriously. And it is this combination of enjoyment and expertise that we thought was the perfect encapsulation of what we do at Devour.

The hardest working caterer in Calgary needs a name! (Contest alert! Contest alert!!)


Nothing says summer like a Devour charcuterie platter and wonderful cheese board right? Ooh and maybe some delicious lime zest and chipotle pepper popcorn too! Sounds fantastic for say a Friday evening in the summer with a few friends and wine of course. Well, linger on those delicious thoughts no longer as you can have all this delivered right to your deck by simply coming up with a creative name for our Devour Lady.