Theme parties

Sing for your supper - a taste of the Opera Gala

Devour loves the challenge of catering the Calgary Opera Gala dinner. We hosted the tasting this week to get things rolling.

The elements of the Opera gala evening are ones that we absolutely love to work with; a beautiful and dramatic setting (you can not get better than being on an actual stage!), a completely themed menu that evokes the time and place of each Opera, wines paired to each course, and the challenge of producing and serving this sumptuous meal for 320 guests with no onsite kitchen. The challenges are many - but the Devour Catering team lives for events like this! It is Calgary Opera's signature fundraising event and in 2012 raised a very impressive $330,000 dollars.

Mad Men move over! Jellied salads coming through....

Have fun with jelly salads - bright, fun, and truly delicious! Truly.

Theme parties theme parties! We love them. We were asked to provide a cocktail party menu that looked like it walked straight out of a Betty Crocker cookbook from 1963. Now some Calgary caterers would maybe just tweak their current menu items here and there or rename them to fit the theme but not us! We went a little crazy with the jelly salads but they are so beautiful, vibrant, and fun! And the cheeseball was a huge hit!

A delicious way to say thank you at Thanksgiving

We created a menu that encapsulated the best of the Fall season and presented a twist on a Thanksgiving dinner turned into a cocktail party. All the tastes you associate with Thanksgiving were there; stuffing, turkey, yams, green beans, and pumpkin. Comforting and warm foods like turkey stew and cheddar biscuits were complemented by fun little treats like baby spinach dips in hollowed out two-bite brioche buns…. (Darn it!! I wish I had a photo of those – they were adorable and scrumptious).

Hosting a theme party? Devour Catering loves creating themed menus...

Devour caters gourmet theme parties that go all out. Photo of lei courtesy of Agnes Revel

Aloha! At the end of July we catered a fabulous Hawaiian themed cocktail party for a client's birthday. We had a huge amount of fun creating the menu. Many people think that the best way to 'theme' a party is to throw a few theme appropriate decorations around and maybe some music...not us! We go all out.

Calgary caterers are best not to mess with tradition when it comes to pancakes...

Devour's answer to a western style wedding. It really is in the details. There is always a way to make the food and the event something to remember and its by putting your personailty into it. Re-working something that people already expect but making it REALLY good....don't just serve syrup with your pancakes...make it Saskatoon Syrup of Kindness made by yours truly.