Mad Men move over! Jellied salads coming through....

Have fun with jelly salads - bright, fun, and truly delicious! Truly.

Theme parties theme parties! We love them. We were asked to provide a cocktail party menu that looked like it walked straight out of a Betty Crocker cookbook from 1963. Now some Calgary caterers would maybe just tweak their current menu items here and there or rename them to fit the theme but not us! We went a little crazy with the jelly salads but they are so beautiful, vibrant, and fun! And the cheeseball was a huge hit!

Make 2013 a year to celebrate!

Devour Catering knows how to make every occasion a special one.

Many New Year resolutions focus on banishing things from your life: extra weight, too much fast food, hours spent sitting on the couch. These can be tough as old habits are hard to break. And getting rid of something is so much harder than welcoming in something new.

My favourite kind of resolutions are ones that add more to your life: more vacation time, more exercise, more fun.  And of course, more parties!!

And so, with this in mind, resolve to celebrate more in 2013.  Life really is worth celebrating and there are so many moments that deserve a special celebration.