Devour team

A beautiful family-style Fall wedding full of love

Fall weddings in Calgary are truly beautiful. The fruits of the harvest abound!
On October 5th we were so lucky to be part of a truly beautiful Fall wedding at the lovely Cranston Century Community Hall .  This wedding was extra special to be sure because the groom was Mark McEwan, Devour's Executive Chef.  Well...we had the privilege and pleasure of him being our chef for over four years....but his last day was spent cooking the food for his own wedding.

Mark's family is Italian and the bride's family is Ukranian so it was important for the menu to represent both families.  We absolutely love creating custom menus that can reflect the personalities and traditions of the families coming together.

Big Night. Big Screen. Big Smiles.

Movies movies everywhere! Now this is how one should eat dinner and watch a movie!


Devour's favourite way to say thank you is to have a party. We had such a fantastic evening on March 7th at the Devour client appreciation party. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening such a fun celebration. We are so genuinely grateful to everyone who invites Devour to be part of their celebrations. It gives us so much joy to be in a room full of people who also love to celebrate life. And there are more thank yous to hand we go!

Devour Catering reveals their true secret ingredient

Our fabulous staff, and Devour Catering’s Executive Chef Mark McEwan

The kitchen staff are adventurous and always ready for a problem solving challenge. Producing restaurant quality food at event sites that can range from a closet-sized laundry room or the dark backstage of the Jubillee Auditorium isn't always the easiest.