Tent weddings

Come rain or come shine on your wedding day - a tent has you covered!

A tent can be used in many ways at a wedding. Here it keeps the dance floor dry!

On September 7th we were part of a lovely wedding reception that took place just outside of Bragg Creek at a beautiful acreage.

It can often be tricky when planning an outdoor reception at any time of the year and we always suggest that all plans be made while envisioning the worst weather you can imagine.  Well - this plan held true for this celebration because boy oh boy did it rain!  And boy oh boy were the guests glad that propane heaters had been rented and that there was a fire pit close by.

Devour Catering loves being part of beautiful tent weddings where no wedding has gone before...

Calgary weddings don't have to be in Calgary - the surrounding foothills are stunning. Photo credit: Mark Eleven Photography Nothing is impossible. With know-how and creativity along with support from the amazing rental companies we work with, Devour can help you create beautiful outdoor ceremony sites and rustically elegant dining tents with breathtaking views of the foothills and mountains.