cocktail party

T'is the season for hosting a fabulous holiday party and Devour Catering is here to help!

It is the season to get together with friends, family, and colleagues to EAT!It is the middle of November and we are headed into the holiday season with parties of all kinds filling up the Devour Catering calendar.   We love heading into this time of year as we shift out of the summer wedding season and into cozy parties hosted in offices, rented venues, and beautiful homes.

It is a wonderful time of year to get together with friends, family, or colleagues and EAT!

Boobyball 2013 definitely put the 'FUN' in fundraiser!

Boobyball 2013 - A fantastic Calgary party raising money for Rethink Breast Cancer

The entire Devour Catering team really enjoyed being one of the sponsors of this year's 'Boobyball' fundraising event on October 24th. 

Rethink Breast Cancer is a national organization that provides support programs for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since many support programs often don't focus on the needs of younger women with breast cancer, Rethink provides important connections, information, and support for women and their families.

Big Night. Big Screen. Big Smiles.

Movies movies everywhere! Now this is how one should eat dinner and watch a movie!


Devour's favourite way to say thank you is to have a party. We had such a fantastic evening on March 7th at the Devour client appreciation party. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and made the evening such a fun celebration. We are so genuinely grateful to everyone who invites Devour to be part of their celebrations. It gives us so much joy to be in a room full of people who also love to celebrate life. And there are more thank yous to hand we go!

19 bite-sized gems you need to Devour at your next cocktail party

We love all the items on the Devour menu, but I always hold a soft, happy, and hungry place in my heart for our hors d'oeuvres. I think of them as the little bite-sized jewels of our menu. These delicious morsels are the bread and butter of a catering company. The personality and skill of the company can really be seen, smelled, and tasted by experiencing the hors d'oeuvre menu. Learn more about our Winter hors d'oeuvres by reading the glossary.