We need to write a new paragraph here. Just an intro to the 5 tips.

Get Excited! (not nervous)

We can definitely help with that.  If you are relaxed – then everyone is relaxed – and that is the secret of entertaining.

Invitations are to a party what a trailer is to a movie.

This starts the moment you invite your guests to the party. Invitations are to a party what a trailer is to a movie. A taste of what is to come. Make sure you hit the right note and take advantage of the opportunity to show your guests how excited you are about them coming to your event.

At the event – there are many ways to make your guests feel comfortable from the moment they walk into the room.


...the food is delicious, fresh, and special.


We have you covered here.  We think it’s pretty cool that everyone at a party can share the same food experience.  I mean, think about it, everyone is actually physically experiencing the same thing when they eat together.  So if the food is delicious, fresh, and special – then that is how all of your guests will feel.

We are all relationship

Part of the reason why many people don’t enjoy parties is getting trapped in ‘small talk’.  Well – if you give your guests something to do – they will have no problem thinking about what to say.  And this works with private parties as well as corporate parties.  We are all relationship addicts – we sometimes just need a little push to get us to bond.

...the thank you will make them feel special

The thank you works like the welcoming cocktail but in reverse.  The cocktail made your guests feel welcome and comfortable and the thank you will make them feel special and will ensure that not only the party is remembered but that your relationship with them grows as well.  And, isn’t that really the point of all parties?  Luxury is not about a price point. Luxury is all about feeling. It’s how you are looked after and how you are served that makes you feel so wonderful.

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