Hosting a theme party? Devour Catering loves creating themed menus...

At the end of July we catered a fabulous Hawaiian themed cocktail party for a client's birthday.  We had a huge amount of fun creating the menu. Many people think that the best way to 'theme' a party is to throw a few theme appropriate decorations around and maybe some music...not us!  We go all out.  


Devour caters gourmet theme parties that go all out. Photo of lei courtesy of Agnes Revel

Hawaii is a favourite place for all of us here at Devour - it is one of the few places that all the full-time staff have been to (not at the same time mind you - that would be tooooo much fun....).

Spam on a Devour menu? You bet.  Spam musubi. Poke?  Most definitely.  Ahi tuna poke is like a tuna tartare or carpaccio. And, of course, there has to be some pineapple!

The Hawaiian themed celebration was a cocktail dinner party for 40 guests at the client's home.  This format of cocktail party is one of our favourites.  We served a dinner portion of food in a cocktail party format so guests could mingle with each other (while hula dancing) and sing along to Elvis' Blue Hawaii.

Passed hors d'oeuvres 

(also known as 'Pupu' if you speak Hawaiian!)

Hot Bites

Kahlua pork sliders with island slaw

Teriyaki beef skewers

Coconut prawns with citrus chili 

Hawaiian meatballs with pineapple  

Cold Bites

Ahi tuna poke with tobiko

Macadamia encrusted Gouda grape

Tiki tiki chicken served on endive 

Spam Musabi 

Salmon tartare on taro root chip with poached pineapple & crispy capers 

Stationary bites

Market vegetable platter with edamame hummus

Fresh crab and glass noodle salad served in a half pint take-out box

Salad rolls with shrimp & smoked tofu 


Individual pineapple upside down cakes with toasted coconut ice cream

Island fruit platter with dragon fruit, mango, and papaya


'Monkey's Lunch" feature cocktail

Green tea lychee lemonade 

(delicious with gin or vodka I may add....) 

Can't you hear the ukelele strumming and the waves crashing in the background as you picture yourself surrounded by glowing tiki torches?

It was a fabulous summer evening and fun was had by all.  If you have a theme in mind give us a call and we can get our creative juices flowing and create a menu for you.  

If you don't have a theme in mind but you want one - we can help with that too!  As Jasmin Ohlhoff, Devour's fabulous event coordinator says -  'I live for theme parties!'.  Aloha....

Fruit platter 2.jpg

Devour's platters are always fresh, beautiful, and delicious.